The G-Spot. Do I have to Pee or am I having an Orgasm?

That is a great question. There is a high probability that you are having a G-spot orgasm. I have had many of my girlfriends tell me of how they always got that ‘I have to pee’ feeling each time they would have sex. It wasn’t until they got informed of what a G-spot is and how it feels to orgasm that that ‘pee’ feeling was replaced by that ‘oh my God, I am about to have an orgasm’ feeling.

We are going to delve in deep (pun intended) into what a G-spot orgasm is, where to find it and how to achieve it.

Where is the G-spot and what does the ‘G’ stand for? Is it for ‘Great’’?
Yes, the ‘G’ could stand for great. But it is named after the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who first hypothesized its existence in 1950.

That lucky bastard!

The G -spot is a zone about two or three inches inside the vagina on the front wall, closest to the clitoris or pubic bone. Just use your fingers to feel for an area that resembles the surface of a spongy walnut. Fingers crooked in a “come hither” shape are best angled to find the G-spot.

A “pulling” rather than a “poking” motion is usually more arousing. If a woman is really turned on, that the G-spot is swollen, and she bears down hard, you may be able to see the G-spot peeking out from the vaginal opening.

With the right technique and a bit of practice it can yield lots and lots of pleasure for women including orgasm, multiple orgasms and female ejaculation.

Where exactly is the G spot? It’s the red spot in the diagram below:

Female reproductive system diagram showing vagina and location of G spot (marked red), about 1/3 of the way inside the vagina, on the wall closest to the C-spot.

Here’s a great way to practice with your partner on achieving a G-spot ‘O’ through finger stimulation.

• Make sure your partner’s nails are clean and trimmed short.
• LOTS and LOTS of foreplay (minimum 30 minutes, preferably an hour)
• Lie on your back and pull your knees up. It also helps to place a pillow or two under your hips.
• Your partner lies between your legs. Ask him/her to gently place his fingers two or three inches inside your vagina.
• He/She then makes a “come hither” motion with his fingers.

The exact motion is to insert your finger pointing away from YOUR body, and then pretend that you are scratching inside the vagina, on the G-spot, with the index finger, curling it toward you. Repeat this and pay attention to your lover’s reaction.

• His/Her fingers are now on your G-spot. He/She massages back and forth with his/her fingers, gently at first, then harder, eventually using lots of pressure.
• Voila! With luck you’ll reach your first G-spot orgasm within 3 to 5 minutes of hard massaging. It has to be hard – the C-spot needs a light touch, but the G spot needs much heavier pressure. Remember, to press firmly and a “pulling” rather than a “poking” motion is more arousing.

The important things are foreplay, bringing your knees up to your chest, and hard pressure on your G-spot. Remember, to press firmly and a “pulling” rather than a “poking” motion is more arousing.

Sometimes pressing down hard on the vulva with the other hand at the same time increases the ‘full bladder’ sensation. The vulva is just below the tummy.

Foreplay builds the sexual excitement and fills your vaginal and C-spot areas with blood – the equivalent of a man getting an erection. Lots of foreplay makes any sexual touch much more pleasurable. If you attempt a G-spot massage with no foreplay it won’t work!

I think I have to Pee!
The most common hurdle to reaching a G-spot orgasm is the ‘pee feeling’. Sometimes during G-spot massage you’ll get this feeling and you might have to go ‘tinkle’.

Here are some tips to get around this. First, go to the bathroom and empty your bladder. When you start the G-spot massage, you might get the pee feeling. But no urine will come out because you’ve just emptied your bladder, and the tube leading from the bladder (the urethra) is blocked off during orgasm. The only way urine will come out is if you have very weak pelvic floor muscles, which is unlikely for most women.

What’s happening is the build up to a female ejaculation. This is a clear or white substance similar to male semen that may shoot out from your urethral opening during orgasm. The ejaculation doesn’t come from the bladder. It comes from the paraurethral glands, a collection of small glands parallel to or surrounding the urethra.
Female ejaculation is usually very, very pleasurable, but you may ejaculate a few drops or an entire gush, so put a towel or two down underneath you.

The way to get over the ‘pee feeling’ barrier is to just let go. The reason you are experiencing this is because the paraurethral glands are beginning to fill the urethra with ejaculate. The way to get over it is to actually let your body go and release that ‘pee’ feeling. Rest assured, that no pee will come out if you have emptied your bladder as suggested earlier! Just let the tension build. If you can get over the pee feeling, there’s a good chance you’ll reach orgasm from a G- spot massage, and possibly multiple orgasm.

Female ejaculation doesn’t have the smell, taste or look of urine. Don’t give up easily – the more you try the more chance there is you’ll enjoy it.

Hitting that ‘G’ Note
With practice and some luck, a G-spot massage will produce an orgasm. There is a way for your partner to ‘feel’ the orgasm happening – if he/she keeps his/her finger or thumb inside your vagina (he/she should keep massaging your G-spot; anyway), he/she will feel the orgasmic contractions. This will be a light, rhythmical squeezing of the vagina, lasting about 5 to 10 seconds. Of course, there are many other signs accompanying the big ‘O’: moaning, flushing of skin, muscle tension, and so on, but the vaginal contractions are the best way to tell if an orgasm is happening, apart from the woman saying “Oh God. I’m cumming”.

Multiple G-spot Orgasms
If you keep going after the first orgasm, it’s possible to reach a second, third or more. A C-spot orgasm can produce multiple orgasms, but the most common way is through a G-spot massage. If you reach the first orgasm from a G-spot massage, ask your partner to keep going until he/she feels the orgasmic contractions finish. It should last about 5 to 10 seconds. After the orgasm is over you might want to ask him/her to stop for about 20 seconds. Many women find stimulation at this point uncomfortable. He/she can start again with hard a G-spot massaging after this point. If you keep going like this, you may reach a second, third or fourth orgasm. Make sure to use the 20-second pause after each one, but only after the orgasmic contractions are over – don’t stop during the orgasm! Again remember to press hard on the G-spot.

Talking During Foreplay
There are a lot of things you can do to prepare yourself for a G-spot orgasm. One was is through communication during foreplay. Be sure to talk about feelings, pleasures, actions, and describe the orgasm that you want to achieve. Use your imagination! It’s dirty talk with visualization.

If you are still having trouble getting pleasure from G-spot massage and have tried everything above, I suggest C-spot stimulation. Though G-spot play is generally considered more likely to produce multiple orgasms and female ejaculation, C-spot play works for a higher percentage of women. A C-spot orgasm still yields lots and lots and lots of pleasure for women. Heck, why not play with your G-spot and C-spot together – with your partner’s thumb on your G spot, he/she can use the fingers from the same hand to stroke your C-spot, or use his/her other hand. Whatever works for you… pleasure is paramount. It’s all about you!



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